Jack W Hatcher
    Jack was born and raised in East Chicago Indiana. He was 1 of 3 boys born to John and Minnie Hatcher. In his teens years Jack had a little wild streak to him that got him in front of the judge several times (very minor mishaps). The judge made it very clear to Jack “boy you better go join the military” or else….so began his career.
    Jack joined the Air Force in 1955 at the age of 17. His first assignment was to Etain AFB in Verdun France. He was in the Air Police Squadron. That is where Jack met Alba (his wife). They were married in 1958. Jack has twin daughters. Jack and his family left France in 1958 and were first stationed in Lincoln Nebraska and then Peru Indiana and final assignment at Offutt AFB. He was also in the SAC Elite Guard (which he was quite proud of) from 1965 – 1967. You had to be selected to the SAC Elite Guard after a series of major security background checks.
    Jack went to Vietnam in 1967 and severed one year tour of duty. Once he came back he was promoted to Air Force Recruiter. Jack served 20 years and 6 months in the military and retired as a Senior Master Sergeant. He would have made Chief (but they were going to send him to Korea on remote duty). Jack said….sorry fellows I am out of here!! And he retired in 1975 at the young age of 37. He enjoyed retirement for 2-3 years. Jack then went for the United State Postal Service exam and he was hired on to the postal service early on. He retired from the post office in 1998 at the age of 60.
    Jack was very well known by his friends and family as an excellent carpenter. There was nothing he could not fix, do or create. He was a perfectionist and the job was always done right and as perfect as he knew how! His daughters use to tell their friends that their father could build a house and everything inside of it. He was also a very good mechanic on cars. Another one of Jack’s passion was taking care of his lawn and helping his friends with any projects. Jack lived in Omaha/Papillion Nebraska since his late 20’s.
    Jack liked to spend time at the Casino’s in Council Bluffs Iowa. He would get coupons in the mail for free meals and free play.
    Jack has 4 grandchildren that he adored and was very proud of all their achievements. He is survived by his twin daughters Barbara Lutterman (resides in Florida) and Dolores Livingston (resides in Omaha).
    Jack passed away on 1/9/13 from a massive stroke. It was his final wishes that if he had no quality of life he wanted nothing artificial to keep him alive and he wanted to live out his final days at home. His daughters followed his wishes….and want their father to know….
    Dad…you can rest now…go and help God and Jesus and all our other love ones with your wonderful carpentry skills!!
    We will always love you….

    Dolores and Barbara