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     SAC Elite Guard Association
    26 Feb 13 SAC Elite Guard Alumni: Over the past several months a number of former SAC Elite Guard members have signed into our website. They are:Larry P. Meilke 69-70; Richard Kemp 1970; William R. Burlew; William W. Landess 70-72; Kim T.  Michalowski 7071; Dennis O Robinson 69-70Earl C. Williams 1968; Mark A. Hanley 74-78; Thomas A. Erickson 81-83; Donald R. Sackett; Don L. Powell 68-69; Ed Hall 75-79; Michael N. Moore 67-68

    Larry A. Evans 87-92; Allen Green;

    Hope you all can join us in Omaha Ne. this July for our annual reunion.


    21 Jan 13 July, 25,26,27 SEGA Reunion: Please make your reservations for our reunion at the following number Embassy Suites 12520 Westport Parkway, la Vista NE 402-331-7400. or the Courtyard by Marriott  12520 Westport Parkway, La Vista NE  888-236-2427. (BM)
    28 Dec 12 New Message Board: Horay!!!!! i AM PLEASED too announce that our new Message Board is up and running thanks to the efforts of Tom McDonald and Jack Ledom. the system is used by other military web sites and is tried and tested. I hope that you will continue to utilize this new board which is very similiar to the old board.I want to extend my belated wishes for a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and a Happy, Healthy New Year. 
    09 Dec 12 Message Board:  Our Message Board has been provided free by another website for several years.  From time to time they have experienced problems.  We have been unable to access our board for several days, we were also unable to access the control panel for the board on their site, it was unable to recognize our user name and password.  That has been repaired, and the links are correct, however now they have added the word (DISABLED) after the link to the message boards, leading us to believe they are still working on the problem.  We hope this brings you up to date as to what’s going on.  (MWM)
    08 Nov 12 2013 Reunion:  The 2013 Reunion update is posted under the reunions link Here.  (MWM)
    06 Aug 12 Grant Rogers 1984-85:  Welcome to Grant who served during the mid 80’s.  (BM)
    06 Aug 12 More Reunion Pictures:  Check out reunion pictures submitted by Tony and Michele Smith.  (BM)
    29 Jul 12 2012 SEGA REUNION PICTURES DISPLAYED:  The first group of pictures are now posted for your viewing, please enjoy with more to follow.  (BM)
    28 Jul 12 Reunion Pictures:  Been a delay in posting pictures, I apologize and hope to have them posted soon.  If you have pictures that you would like to share please send then to me.  (BM)
    23 Jul 12 Reunion 2012 Photos:  Many pictures were taken during the 2012 reunion and they will start to be added to the reunion section by July 25. Check back to see  (BM)
    23 Jul 12 Reunion 2012 in the books:  The SAC Elite Guard Association (SEGA) completed a three day fun filled reunion in San Antonio.  (see my posting in the bulletin board)  We elected new officers for the term of 2012-2014. They are:
    President: Tony Smith, Vice President: Jack Ledom, Secretary: Stephen Hensley, Treasurer: Bill Breler.2013 Reunion will be in Omaha July 2013 date TBD. 2014 Reunion will be in Washington D.C. date TBD.   (BM)
    18 Jul 12 William Walter “Bill” Farrell, 1936-2011:  One of the eight first members of Detachment “A”, SAC Elite Guard has sadly been added to the Final Honors page.  (MWM)
    17 Jul 12 Resignation:  It has been my pleasure to serve as your President for the past years but time has come for me to hand the reigns over to a new generation of SAC Elite Guardsmen.  My apology to you all for the brief communication that you have received from me this past 6 months.  I hope now to have more time in devoting to communications within the SAC Guard membership.  My plan is to assist the new President, who will be elected at our reunion this week in San Antonio, and assist him in growing our organization from the 80’s and 90’s Elite Guardsmen.  I will be exploring new methods of reaching them and inviting then to join and attend our reunions, again thank you for your support, I hope to see you all at a future reunion.  (BM)
    17 Jul 12  Randy C. Clark 1978-1980:  It is with sadness that I report the passing of Randy who served on the SAC Elite Guard 1978-1980.  We will shortly post a picture of Randy in ourFinal Honors page.  Randy was on Gary Schwirtz flight and is pictured on a recently posted flight photo.  Rest in Peace Brother.  (BM)
    17 Jul 12 Former Guardsmen who have signed in these past few months:
    Welcome to:
    Jeffery B. Howard (CMSGT Ret)  1982-1987
    Daniel M. Brown  1983-1987
    Michael L. Hoelscher  1969-1970
    Scott A. Halbrook  1994-1996
    William H. McDonald  1962-1966
    Charles (Mike) Keal  1969-1970
    Edward M. Sulinski  1998-2000
    James R. Miller  1967-1969
    Scott T. McManus  1980-1982
    Helen J. Clemente  1979-1983
    17 Jul 12 Back on Line:  Jack Ledom has been very busy this past six months preparing for our first visit to “The Gateway to the Air Force” Lackland AFB.  For me it will be a 47 year reunion to be back where I started in the USAF.  Jack has put together a very fine program for those attending at teh Holiday Inn, Riverwalk, San Antonio.  My personal thanks goes out to Jack and his assistant who put many hours into this reunion.  (BM)
    16 Jul 12 Image added:  Received a Flight Photo from Gary Schwitz, D Flight, late 1970’s.  Identified on the photo are SRA Randy Clark, Sgt Gary Timberlake, Sgt Cruz, Sgt Scott Gastner, A1C Dexter Chandler, SRA William Mangum, Sgt Gene Trimble, SSgt Ken Malone, SSgt James Sisley and TSgt Gary Schwitz.  Image posted to Recent Pictures Received.  (MWM)
    12 Apr 12 Website upgrade:  The server hosting our  website will be undergoing a major software upgrade, within the next 48 hours.
    This upgrade includes newer software, as well as all the security and performance benefits.   In addition to this, the server will be redeployed with a different file system type simultaneously, further increasing performance.
    Although a bulk of the upgrades to our server are being done with it online and functional, in order to safely finalize these changes their Administrators will need to temporarily take our server offline in the early morning hours.   Barring any extenuating circumstances this outage should only last about 2 hours.
    They do not anticipate our software having problems post-update,  They suggest reviewing our site afterward to verify that it is functioning as it should.  (MWM)
    01 Jan 12 New blotter page:  New blotter page launched for year 2012.  (MWM)