The Air Force Security Forces Association was incorporated as a Texas not-for-profit association in August 1987. It grew out of a reunion in Las Vegas, Nevada, in June 1986. Captain (ret) Joe Grimes, publisher of the “Guardmount” newsletter (no longer published), set up the reunion. Approximately 75 people attended. This group was mostly retired Security Police officers and NCOs. These became the founding members of the Association.
    Col (Ret) Jerry Bullock, CMSgt (Ret) Royge Hudson, and CMSgt (Ret) Larry Larios were tasked to write the Articles of Incorporation. LtCol (Ret) Robert Cobbs prepared the By-laws. All were adopted at the 1987 annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas. BGen (Ret) William R. Brooksher, former USAF CSP, was elected the first president of AFSPA.
    The following have served as President of the Association:
    William R. Brooksher
    Sam Stocks
    Bob Swing
    Ed Johnson
    John Probst
    Bob Christy
    Jack Brokaw
    Our magazine/newsletter has been published continuously since 1987. The name Tiger Flight came from the long nights so many spent in Vietnam on the tiger flight from “0-dark thirty to 0-dark thirty.” For most of these years the magazine was edited and published by Col (ret) Nick Keck. The new editor, CMSgt (ret) Bob Anderson, is rapidly going through his learning curve while Nick will continue to be the publisher.
    Our major project was the placement of the Defender statue at the Museum of the United States Air Force, Dayton, Ohio. This $130,000 project was completed over a 10-year period, beginning with the placement of a simple memorial bronze plague.
    See our home page for a listing of the accomplishments of the past 21 years. These are remarkable especially because we are an all volunteer organization. There have never been paid employees. In a very special way AFSFA is you.




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