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    Officers and  Executive Committee

    Tony Smith  
    Vice President  

    Joe Dagney


    Bill Marchall


    Treasurer  Bill Gdovic  

    The Board of Directors






    Bill Marshall  

    The following are Committees, Chairs & Members

      • Bill Gdovic, 2017 Reunion Committee

                Search / Membership Committee

      • Dan MacKinnon, Search/Membership Committee

               Liaison Committee

    • STRATCOM Elite Guard Liaison Committee
      • David Cornillie

              Website Committee

    • Webmaster Jack Ledom, Graphic Design for Website, Logos and Certificates
      Newsletter Committee

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    We former members of and having served with the SAC Elite Guard at Strategic Air Command Headquarters, Offutt AFB, Nebraska, hereby form the SAC Elite Guard Association (hereafter called The Association) as a non-profit, fraternal, patriotic, organization.


    The Association is created and maintained to serve these objectives:

    – To promote and foster the comradeship and friendship brought about through service with the SAC Elite Guard and/or the STRATCOM Elite Guard.

    – To provide opportunities for members to maintain and strengthen bonds and renew friendships, through holding regular reunions, publication of electronic newsletters, maintenance of the SAC Elite Guard web site, and maintaining and distributing rosters of Association members.

    – To provide appropriate recognition to deceased comrades-in-arms.

                        – To provide a link between The Association and its successor organizations.


    Membership will include those military members who served honorably with the SAC Elite Guard and/or the STRATCOM  Elite Guard at Offutt AFB, Nebraska, next-of-kin of any deceased, qualified, comrade-in-arms, and such honorary members as may be nominated and accepted by a majority vote of Association members.



    The SAC Elite Guard Association has no designated geographical boundaries but exits wherever two or more members are gathered. While meetings and activities often occur in Omaha, Nebraska, The Group is present whenever and wherever called by president, whether meeting electronically or physically, at whatever geographical location is designated by The Association president.


    Members of The Association will be assessed dues to cover necessary expenses of copying and postage associated with the printing of rosters and newsletters, and to provide for expenses associated with the organization of reunions and other appropriate Association activities. The amount of dues will be specified in the by-laws. Dues will be assessed to regular members.


    Members of The Association are the basic governing body, and their decisions, at regularly constituted meetings are final. Routine business of The Association will be conducted by an Executive Committee. The SAC Elite Guard Association Executive Committee will consist of elected officers of the Association, which will include a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

    Additionally, there will be no less than four nor more than six Association directors drawn from the membership at large. These directors will be appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the remaining members of the Executive Board. Every effort should be made to insure fair representation from the differing eras among the directors.

    The President, in counsel with the Executive Committee, may appoint other officers to specific duties, but these appointed officers will not be members of the Executive Committee.

    There is no order of succession to the presidency. In the event any other elected or appointed officer or Chairperson becomes unable to serve during his term, the President, or the Vice-President in the absence of the President, shall appoint a replacement with the consent of the Executive Committee. This designated replacement officer (if an elected position) will serve until the next regularly scheduled reunion meting.


    The initial Constitution and By-Laws may be adopted by the Executive Committee, following publishing on the SAC Elite Guard web page for a period of 30 days to allow for questions and comments. Once adopted, those By Laws may be amended, or rescinded by a majority vote of the membership attending a regularly scheduled Association meeting, based on a recommendation of the Executive Board, or on a properly presented motion by any voting member. Interim changes to the By-Laws may be effected by the Executive Board, however, theses changes must be approved by a majority vote of the membership at the next general membership meeting/reunion. Proposed by-law amendments must be posted to the SAC Elite Guard web page for at least 30 days prior to regularly scheduled meetings.


    This constitution may be amended by approval of a two-thirds majority at any regular reunion/meeting.



    (Signed Copy will be on File with the Association Secretary)

    /s/ Bill Marshall, President


    BYLAWS of the






    Section 1: Regular members are those military members, active duty or retired, who served with the SAC Elite Guard or STRATCOM Elite Guard.

    Section 2: Widows/widowers of deceased members who would have qualified as regular members, may apply for associate membership.

    Section 3: Honorary members are those distinguished individuals who had some notable association with SAC Elite Guard, but do not qualify for any other category of membership. (i.e.: Honorary membership might be extended to any SAC Headquarters or Offutt AFB official, military or civilian, who is deemed to have contributed to the tradition and heritage of the SAC Elite Guard. Honorary members must be approved by a majority vote of the members at any regular reunion/meeting.

    Section 4: Voting privileges are afforded regular members only.


    Section 1: President: The President shall be the chief executive officer of The Association and shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee and at General Membership meetings. He shall, with the consent of the Executive Board, appoint the Directors and Chairperson of all standing committees and those committees that are not provided for by the constitution and by-laws.

    Section 2: Vice-President The Vice-President shall preside in the absence of the President, will become President if the elected President is unable to complete his term.

    Section 3: Secretary: The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the Executive Committee and the general membership meeting The Secretary will be responsible for all correspondence not assigned to another officer, and will maintain all electronic correspondence files, and records.

    Section 4: Treasurer: The Treasurer shall receive and account for monies received from dues or other sources. (see Article IV – Dues and Finances)


    Section 5: Directors: Additionally, there will be no less than four nor more than six Association Directors drawn from the membership at large. These directors will be appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the remaining members of the Executive Board. Every effort should be made to insure fair representation from the differing eras among the directors. The council and opinions of Directors shall be actively solicited.


    Only regular members are eligible to chair standing committees.

    Section 1. The Reunion Committee. With the approval of, and in coordination with, the Board of Governors, the Reunion chairperson will determine the date and location for each scheduled reunion.

    Section 2. Search/Membership Committee Search to actively seek out the whereabouts of former members of the SAC Elite Guard or their next of kin. This chairperson shall keep membership rolls, and actively seeking to learn the whereabouts of former members of SAC Elite Guard. He will make updated membership rosters available to other officers of the Association on a timely basis, and updated rosters will be provided to all current members at each reunion. The Search/Membership Chairperson may recruit assistants from the members to assist in his duties.

    Section 3. Offutt AFB Security Force Liaison Committee: Work to involve the SAC Elite Guard in appropriate ways with the Security Forces at Offutt AFB.


    Section 1: Initial dues, upon application for membership in the SAC Elite Guard Association, will be $25.00.


    Section 2: Renewals are due and payable not later than January 31 of each year. Auxiliary and honorary members do not pay dues. New members who join and pay their initial $25.00 dues, after September 30th of each year, are exempted from the annual dues the year following their initial enrollment.

    Section 3: The treasurer will be responsible for maintaining proper accountability for all Association funds. When the geographic dispersion of officers or chairpersons requiring funds makes it necessary, the Treasurer may establish sub or petty cash accounts with the responsible officer.

    Section 4: The Executive Committee will establish rules concerning the approval requirements for expenditure of Association funds.

    Section 5: The Treasurer’s books will be open for inspection, by appointment, during each reunion/meeting. A joint audit of the books will be accomplished upon change of treasurers and at other times as directed by The Association President.


    Section 1: Elected Officers will serve for a term of two years. When a non-elected officer is serving in any elective vacancy (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and/or Treasurer), that office will be filled at the next regularly scheduled membership meeting for a full term of service.

    Section 2: The President will appoint a nominating committee at least three months in advance of any reunion when vacancies have, or will, occur. The list of nominees will be posted on the SAC Elite Guard web site at least 30 days prior to regularly scheduled membership meeting, and provided to reunion attendees, who will have the opportunity to make additional nominations from the floor.

    Section 3: All elections will be conducted by ballot, which will be prepared by the nominating committee. Nominations from the floor will be written in. A simple majority vote by The Association regular members attending the reunion/meeting will be required for election of any officer. In case of tie, the two candidates receiving the most votes will be voted on again.

    Section 4: All regular members are eligible to hold elective offices.


    Section 1: Reunions and business meetings will normally be held once every two years.

    Section 2: The general location (state, or state and city) of the next reunion will be decided as part of the business meeting at each reunion. The reunion committee will be responsible for selecting the exact location and making arrangements for the reunion in the general location decided by the members.


    Section 1: The general procedures of the meetings will be in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order, and the Constitution and By-laws of The Group. In case of conflict, the Constitution and By-laws will prevail.


    Section 1: These By-laws may be rescinded or amended by majority vote of the general membership present at any meeting, based on recommendation of the Executive Committee or a properly presented motion from the floor during the meeting.

    As of December 11, 2004, a signed copy of the constitution and these bylaws will be on file with the Association Secretary

    /s/ Bill Marshall, President



    SAC Elite Guard Association (SEGA)

    Association Executive Director Directives



    1.  In accordance with the SAC Elite Guard Association (SEGA) Charter and By-Laws, the SEGA President shall appoint a group of current members to serve as the Association Executive Directors. 


                         A. The Executive Directors shall be members in good standing from each of the decades of the Elite Guard and Drill Team and shall consist of at least four (4) but no more than six (6) persons. 

                         B. Terms of Office for Executive Directors shall be the same as the as elected  SEGA Executive Officers.    Executive Directors may serve only one (1) term and may not be re-appointed until the passage of two (2) years following their previous appointment. 


                         C. The Association shall provide each Executive Director with a printed, hard copy of the SAC Elite Guard Association Charter and By-Laws, as well as, meeting agendas and minutes from all meetings in the two (2) years preceding appointment of each Executive Director.


    3. The Executive Directors shall serve as an oversight and advisory group that may, at the direction of a simple majority of the Executive Officers, be called upon to review SEGA activities with respect to current and future policies and actions that affect the direction of the Association.


                        A.  Executive Directors shall act only upon those administrative and policy decisions affecting SEGA.  Actions involving the fiscal (financial) aspects of the Association shall not be referred to, addressed or considered by the Executive Directors.


                        B.  Recommendations presented by the Executive Directors shall require a simple majority approval by the Executive Officers and acted upon by the Executive Officers within 30 days following presentation.


                        C.  Where recommendations require change to the SEGA Charter and/or By-Laws, the recommendations shall be presented to the Association membership and voted upon by the then current members in good standing. 

    4. No formal meetings shall be required of the Executive Directors. Communication between the Executive Directors shall be as needed and appropriate as decided upon by the Executive Directors. 

                        A.  Executive Directors shall be provided advance copies of all Executive Officer meeting agendas and copies of subsequently approved minutes.  Transmission of such information shall be either by e-mail or US Postal Service mail. 


                        B. Executive Directors may submit suggestions that address agenda items under consideration to the Executive Officers when such suggestions are the consensus of a simple majority of the Executive Directors.  Individual suggestions, i.e., those submitted without a simple majority of the Executive Directors, shall be addressed by the Executive Officers in the same manner as a suggestion by any Association member in good standing.  

    5. If for any reason an Executive Director shall decide to stand down from their appointment, a replacement will be named within 30 days by the President of the SEGA, following consultation with the other elected officers.


    6.  Executive Directors, their spouses, families, heirs, heir apparents, estates and such other legal entities as may exist shall be held harmless from any and all legal and fiscal actions undertaken by the Association