tony-smithFirst, let me say welcome — welcome to the SAC Elite Guard Association (SEGA) web site.  It is indeed a privilege for me to be honored by my fellow guardsmen as your President for the 2012-2014 term.  Let me also state that it was an honor, along with thousands of others over a fifty year period, to be chosen as a member of this distinctive unit.

    The SAC Elite Guard, founded by General Curtis LeMay in 1956, provided security for the newly constructed nerve center of SAC Operations.  Additionally the Elite Guard was tasked with the responsibility to perform honors for visiting dignitaries, heads of state, Presidents, and visiting Monarch’s.  The guard had, for many years, a silent drill team which won many awards for their performance and visited many bases and public events to perform their various drills.  They also participated in change of command ceremonies along with the weekly change of guard ceremonies that represented the on coming flight assuming security responsibility from the off going flight.

    While the drill team was disbanded in 1969 due to military personnel requirements, the security portion of the Elite Guard continues to serve.  For over 50 years, the Elite Guard has been instrumental by insuring the safety and security of these important National resources.

    Many other security units in the Strategic Air Command were formed around the SAC Elite Guard profile such as PACC IRRR and others.  Many who served in the Elite Guard also served with the before mentioned forming a binding relationship between all units and a natural brotherhood of the blue beret was born.  It brings into focus the overall security force that was required to secure all of SAC’s assets here in the US and abroad.. It also makes me proud to think we were a part of a security force that help win the cold war.

    I again welcome you, visitors, friends, former, and current Elite guard members to our website.  If you have any questions about the Elite Guard or this website, please use the contact link below.

    Tony Smith,

    SAC Elite Guard 1976-1979