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    Reunion 2003

    Below find the recent article published in the AFSPA Tiger Flight magazine. This article was authored by Karl Rock, who did an outstanding job of capturing the very essence of the reunion held this past June. Thank you Karl!


    The Elite Guard just completed their 1st National Reunion in Bellevue, NE this past weekend. I know there were number of you who were unable to attend for many reasons and you were missed but rest assured there will be another.


    50 Elite Guardsmen from the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000 were in attendance. Total numbers including spouses was 88.  Most alumni brought there pictures and shared memories from their tour. Three former commanding officers were in attendance,Col Bob Swing, Col Mike Altieri, and Col John Lind gave account’s of their experiences with the Elite Guard and the changes they faced.  Two former NCOs, Al Woolgar and Richard Mosely related their stories of starting on the drill team and its last performance. The first annual Jim Wright memorial golf tournament was held at Tregaron golf course.  SMSgt Vasquez, current Superintendent of the Elite Guard brought five airmen from the current guard and shared pictures from their archive in bldg. 500. Sgt Vasquez gave an account of the changes in the Security Forces due to the emerging world events.  We had two former members of the original 16 Guardsmen of 1956 in attendance, Luther Meihlan and Tom Craig. A business meeting was held to discuss future activity of the organization, which includes a search committee to pursue former Guardsmen, a finance, reunion and executive committee to handle future activities.  It was decided to have another reunion in 2004 mid July.

    The search committee needs your help PLEASE!  We are in need of names from your tour on the guard.   Perhaps you have old orders, TDY etc that list their AF number. We need this information to perform our search. You also could help tremendously if so inclined to contact an old buddy you haven’t spoken to in many years. Track them down its not so hard now with the internet. I have located 12 people that I had not seen or spoken to in 37 years and its been tremendously rewarding. There is also a challenge set out for the individual that presents the most past Guardsmen by next reunion, that is their name, current location, phone number or e-mail address. That individual will receive a $300.00 savings bond.





















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