The SAC Elite Guard goes to Hollywood (Hollywood dresses the SAC Guardsmen in class “A” uniforms)

    Star Trek

    “Tomorrow Is Yesterday”  (1967)

    The Enterprise is hurled back through time to 1960’s Earth.  After the Air Force took pictures of the Enterprise,   Capt. Kirk and landing party “beam” down into SAC Headquarters to retrieve the photos.  They are caught by an alert SAC Elite Guardsman.  The Guardsman pushes the “emergency” button on a communicator and is beamed aboard the Enterprise.  Kirk fights with, but, is apprehended by the SAC Guard and undergoes interrogation.  Kirk is rescued by Spock.  The Enterprise uses the “sling shot effect” (around the sun) to return to their own time and while in route, beams the SAC Guard back to his own time.

    Air Date:01.26.1967
    Stardate: 3113.2

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