General LeMay – General Power
    Change of Command
    Major Rudy Anderson’s funeral
    Greenville, SC on 6 Nov 1962
    Secretary of Defense McNamara
    & The Joint Chiefs of Staff
    President Joao Goulart of Brazil
    visits Offutt AFB

    A Presidential Visit:
    John F. Kennedy

    Clips from
    Building 500

    More clips from
    Building 500

    Gen LeMay’s Last Inspection ’78

    Changing of the Guard

    Changing of the Guard – Retirement Ceremony

    Barksdale 1961

    Santa Maria 1961

    Put-In-Bay 1962

    SAC Museum 1966

    Grissom AFB 1968

    Southern Cal 1968

    March AFB 1968

    San Bernardino 1969

    Drill Team Finale 1969
    Drill Team Final on Beta HQ SAC Retirement

    HQ SAC Security film
    (Circa 1966)

    Other short clips

    2 very short clips from
    Fox News “War Stories”
    with Oliver North

    Clip from the USAF (1969)
    “The SAC Underground”
    READY….. ooops
    A cold war history of SAC
    from NETV

    Old SAC HQ Entry

    1969 Guard Mount